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„BADEHAUS“ Overwhelming Impressions

by Felicitas Amler, published in German on 20 June 2018 in Süddeutsche Zeitung, translation by Christine Groß

72 years ago Shoshana Bellen was born at this place – Waldram-Föhrenwald. Two years ago she experienced that it can become a place reaching out over a long distance but also can be an important place for herself: Föhrenwald, once a settlement for workers of the Nazi (NS) armament factory in the forest of Wolfratshausen, then a homestead for Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust (Displaced Persons), finally transformed into the municipality of Waldram where German displaced persons found a new home. The Badehaus, where now an organization is making a place for documentation and remembrance, stood there through all three phases of history.
The Jewess Shoshana Bellen, who now lives with her family in Israel, is deeply moved by this engagement. That there are honorary, unpaid persons – especially Germans, as she emphasizes – who manage this, has overwhelmed her. And only now, as she has occupied herself absolutely intensively with the history of her family, has she become aware how courageous her parents were, heroes, she says. And the Badehaus is the right place to honour them . . . read more

BADEHAUS Waldram-Foehrenwald, April 2018

What public spirit can achieve
The „Badehaus“ will become a splendid place of memory – A Comment

Deeply moving, stimulating and – yes, also: invoking tears through its beauty. Through all the impressions perceivable until now the Badehaus Waldram-Föhrenwald will become a splendid place of remembrance and for meetings. In the past six years the supporting association has shown what civil engagement can achieve. It has rescued the house, convinced the Archbishop’s Chair to place it available for working on history and has brought together large sums of contributions from many different sources. Now that the first talks with witnesses of that time can be heard, filmed impressions seen and new recognition won, the meaning of this initiative can be more strongly felt. Yes, as a visitor at the members‘ assembly, one might even think: Perhaps in the end it was rather good that the local government did not take up this authentic place of contemporary history. Who knows whether so much heart and soul would have been poured into this project . . . read more

In German:
June 20, 2018 – sueddeutsche.de/Wolfratshausen – Felicitas Amler

Überwältigende Eindrücke
Der Verein Bürger fürs Badehaus Waldram-Föhrenwald zeigt erstmals Ausschnitte der Zeitzeugen-Gespräche. Sie sind das Herzstück der künftigen Ausstellung

Kommentar: Was Bürgersinn vermag
Das Badehaus Föhrenwald wird ein großartiger Erinnerungsort werden