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Revisiting Foehrenwald

Photo Exhibition “Children’s Worlds in Foehrenwald and Waldram”

BfB, BADEHAUS, Auenausstellung "Kinderwelten in Föhrenwald und Waldram"

Since May 7, 2017 the exhibition is also installed on the grounds of the BADEHAUS – open 24/7!


DP-Camp Foehrenwald

FOEHRENWALD, one of the largest Jewish DP camps in post-World War II Europe and the last to close (in 1957), was located in the section named Waldram now incorporated to the town of Wolfratshausen in Upper Bavaria, Germany (see also Wikipedia). Homeless Jews of Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Romania and Hungary waited there for their emigration to Israel, hoping to be able to start a new life in another country. They called themselves “She’erit Hapletah”, the surviving remnants.


Society "Bürger fürs Badehaus Waldram-Föhrenwald e.V."

Impressions of Foehrenwald – © Stadtarchiv (town archive) Wolfratshausen


The “BADEHAUS Waldram-Föhrenwald” as a meeting and remembrance place

The association “Bürger fürs BADEHAUS Waldram-Föhrenwald e.V.” (“Citizens for the BATHHOUSE Waldram-Foehrenwald”) proposes to renovate the DP camp’s old bathhouse – in which the mikveh was installed as well – and convert it to a lively meeting and remembrance place. Based on documentation of contemporary witnesses, we want to convey and discuss our town’s more recent history, especially to young people.

Project description

On May 8, 2015, the Erzbischöfliches Ordinariat München (administrative authority of the Archbishopric of Munich and Freising) – who owned the premises since close-down of the DP camp in 1957 and used the old bathhouse as lodgings for seminarists until a short time ago – allocated the estate including the BATHHOUSE to the association “Bürger fürs BADEHAUS Waldram-Föhrenwald”, so that now we can create a memorial here.

The municipality of Wolfratshausen, on the other hand, has very generously agreed to support us with the funding of about the half of the construction costs — provided, however, that we are able to raise the needed capital with private donations.

Society Buerger fürs Badehaus Waldram-Foehrenwald e.V., Donate!   So, if we succeed in getting you enthusiastic about our project and if you can afford it, we would very very much welcome your donation, as small as it may be, to cover the costs for construction and renovation.

Meeting personally in Waldram (Foehrenwald)

We are especially pleased about face-to-face contacts and visits from former DP camp residents and, of course, their descendants (see Contemporary Witnesses Leslie Schwartz, Jack Adler, Shoshana Bellen, and Jessica Nysenbaum). Our project thrives on personal relationships and social exchange.

Dear visitor,
We need your help for this project! We would like to also turn this website into a vibrant place of meeting and remembrance of Foehrenwald’s history. To more lively illustrate this purpose, we are looking for people who are willing to remember and, maybe, to send us photos, keepsakes and documents. You, dear visitor, may have them and perhaps you even know of friends and/or relatives who have once lived here and can contribute with something. Please talk to them, tell them of this project, show them this site and ask them for their support.
  BfuerB, Join us! Become a member!

Communicating with you, dear visitor, is important to us.

If you have questions, suggestions and ideas for our project, please send us an email. We are very much looking forward to reading from you!

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Sybille Krafft, Chairwoman, and Wolfgang Saal, Deputy Chairman
“Bürger fürs BADEHAUS Waldram-Föhrenwald e.V.”