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Letter from Dr. Sybille Krafft – September 2017

Dr. Sybille Krafft, President, Society "BADEHAUS Waldram-Föhrenwald"

Dear Friends of Foehrenwald,

We would like to give you an insight into our „BADEHAUS“ project: we are progressing very well! We are planning on finishing every single construction measure before winter. This is a big milestone for our project; we are very happy and, to be honest, quite exhausted.

BADEHAUS Waldram-Föhrenwald, October 2017

Starting immediately, we will be designing the exhibition and constructing the showrooms. Therefore, this is the absolute last opportunity for sending us pictures and historical artefacts of any kind, as we will begin to incorporate everything into the exhibition very soon, making it difficult to add exhibits later. We would be very happy to tell your story and to conserve your family history for generations ahead, but this can only be achieved with your help. We would therefore greatly appreciate any pictures sent to us, either in their original paper form or in a high-resolution scan, by November 1st. If we can be of any assistance, be it by scanning the pictures ourselves or contributing to the costs of a professional digitalization process, please get in touch, we would be happy to help!

Due to the current construction boom in Germany, all construction-related prices have skyrocketed, forcing us to redistribute our resources. Nevertheless, we are giving our very best to realize this site of remembrance with all means possible and are searching for possible donors and beneficiaries. If you know people or companies willing to contribute to our efforts, we would be incredibly pleased if you could introduce them to us.

But there are also very pleasing news to be shared: Two former residents of Foehrenwald are seeking to establish contacts among former Foehrenwalders and their kin. Phyllis Lee is currently establishing a network in the United States, Shoshana Bellen already has a very successful community running in Israel. If you would like to get in touch with them, please write to us and we will be happy to establish the contact.

BADEHAUS Waldram-Föhrenwald, May 2017

We plan on opening the doors of the BADEHAUS in May 2018, given that we can sort out our financial shortcomings. We would be very happy to greet as many former Foehrenwalders as possible on this special day and would therefore like to extend our invitation to you.

As soon as the official date is fixed, we will be sending out the information and formal invitations.

As our own network of Foehrenwalders is steadily growing, but still rather small, we encourage you to inform other former Foehrenwalders about this project by forwarding this letter. This would be greatly appreciated.

BADEHAUS, Join us! Become a member!

Thank you for believing in this project and contributing in a variety of ways.

Warm greetings from Bavaria!

Dr. Sybille Krafft
President of the non-profit society „Bürger fürs BADEHAUS Waldram-Föhrenwald“


new article! On June 26, 2017 Noah Todd interviewed me on the meaning and goals of the BADEHAUS project. This interview was undertaken as part of an MA research project at the University of York entitled To be reborn: Jewish survivors of the Holocaust in post-World War II Displaced Person (DP) camps – materiality and heritage significance. The full text of the study will be available shortly. Meanwhile read the transcription draft here!